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Here in Kadia Traditional Residencies we are focused on your service! We want from you to take the most of the island graciously has to offer. We have customized some of the best attractions and activities in order for you to wrap up only the best of memories, blending yourselves with the local people and philosophy. You can choose from a variety of interesting activities and quality excursion packages.

Massage Treatments

Spoil yourself with a rejuvenating, relaxing massage session while you enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Caldera. Sophia Luxury Suites provide you the absolute environment for a perfect get away. Feel the unique volcanic energy and let it lead you to a mystical journey of relaxation and sensation.

Traditional clay – Pottery lessons

“Earth & Water” is all God wanted to create the humanity. With this in mind you have the opportunity to create your personal clay pot, which will follow you back home not only as a memory but as an your own artifact.

Sailing Cruises

Discover the treasures of Santorini through a sailing cruise. Let us lead you to a memorable journey to the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea.

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